No available UTXOs 2024/3/10

This guide is temporary, and the issue will be fixed next week

This guide is temporary, and the issue will be fixed next week

If you are a user of the Xverse wallet, you may encounter the "No available UTXOs" or "Not enough UTXOs" issue during inscribe transfer.

The Xverse wallet provides two addresses:

  • Bitcoin address / Segwit (3…)

  • Ordinals & BRC-20 Tokens / Taproot (bc1p…)

Currently, SatsX only supports inscribing using Taproot addresses.

SatsXSegwit (3…)Taproot (bc1p…)



❌ (next week)

Q1: Why does it tell me "No available UTXOs" when there is enough BTC in my payment address? What should I do?

A1: When you inscribe transfer, the website defaults to connecting to the Taproot address (bc1p…). Please check if there is enough BTC in this address. Send some BTC to this address. You don't need a lot, just enough for inscribing transfer.

If your Taproot address has BTC but shows "No available UTXOs," these BTC might be occupied by inscription and cannot be used.

Q2: I sold tokens, why haven't I received BTC? Why don't I see an increase in BTC in my wallet?

A2: First, check if the transaction is confirmed through

If the transaction is confirmed, you might have set the Funding Receive Address to the Taproot address (bc1p…) when listing. The Xverse wallet only displays the BTC balance of Segwit addresses (3…).

Q3: How do I transfer BTC from a Taproot address?

A3: You can import the mnemonic phrase into an Unsiat wallet.

Select the address type, Taproot (P2TR).

Just be cautious with inscription assets inside, and remember to check for inscription assets before sending. If it's all ordinals assets, it should be fine.

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