What is the Atomicals Protocol?

The Atomicals Protocol is a simple, yet flexible protocol for minting, transferring and updating digital objects (traditionally called non-fungible tokens) for unspent transaction output (UTXO) blockchains such as Bitcoin. An Atomical (or "atom") is a way to organize the creation, transfer and updates of digital objects – it is essentially a chain of digital ownership defined according to a few simple rules.

Why use Atomicals?

The Atomical specification is the simplest possible way to organize digital property on a blockchain such as Bitcoin. The implementation is very simple and provides the maximum flexibility for static and dynamic digital assets, artifacts and objects. The rules are so simple that it's impossible to accidentally spend Atomicals as miner fees and it's trivial to verify that ownership was transferred to the correct recipient – without relying on any third parties whatsoever or even being required to run an indexer. Atomicals are self-evident digital object histories. That being said, most developers and services will prefer the convenience of running their own indexer and all the benefits that come along with it. Documentation:

As the earliest supporter of Atomicals DEX, this section will introduce 4 functions related to Atomicals:


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