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Ready to launch unique Runes ART - Runescription?

This feature will change the NFT game for Runes and Ordinals.


First, choose "Launch mode" - Runescription, and enter essential information like your collection name, description, and PFP.

Note: A single Rune.The number of Rune tokens each image carries is determined by the "per mint" setting.

For a 10k collection, if you choose to combine with the No.0 Rune, each image will carry 1 token (as UNCOMMON•GOOD's "per mint" is 1).

If your Rune token's "per mint" is 2100, then each image will carry 2100 tokens.

Your receiving address is set by default to the wallet linked on the website.

Set separate times for Sneak Peek and Public Mint, and add social links to give your collection more exposure.

You can also upload a whitelist to create more engagement for your collection.

Upload your collection files and specify the maximum number of mints allowed per address.


On the Edit page, you can filter items by setting ID or searching by name. Use "Reset" to clear filters.

Use "Edit" to set a reasonable price for your collection.

Once everything is set, submit your collection for review. We will process it as soon as possible. If you need to edit collection details, you can view submitted collections through "My Collection."

Note: Ensure the accuracy of your collection information, as it cannot be edited once approved.

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