📚Platform Introduction

SatsX AUTO IDENTIFY your assets in different protocols

SatsX will not cause your asset loss, no matter you are inscribing, transferring, listing, trading.

I.What might cause asset loss?⚠️

-Use wallet to send BTC that not supports the protocol.

-Use wallet or platform that not supports the protocol to inscribe, transfer & trade.

II.How to protect your assets?🔐

-Use different wallet address for asset in different protocol.

-Double check wallet or platform supports the protocol before interaction.

-Even if your wallet doesn’t support the protocol, it’s safe to interact on SatsX.

Transfer assets using SatsX before sending BTC.

## Platform Introduction

Hey, come closer and listen up, this is our blazing trading platform! We're not messing around here, we're hardcore decentralized trading enthusiasts. This is the paradise for Bitcoin ecosystem assets, where everything goes down!

## Core Features

- Inscribe: We're not just a trading platform, we're an immortal fortress. Here, you can permanently inscribe your assets, making them shine on the blockchain.

- Marketplace: Hey, check out our trading arena! Here, trading is a crazy game, fast, secure, no worries. Our trading platform is like a city of speed, just press the button, and everything is in your hands.

- Indexer: Want to find your dream assets? Don't worry, our platform provides you with comprehensive indexing services. In this crazy digital world, your assets will be well taken care of.

Supported Protocols

Atomicals: https://atomicals.xyz/

Pipe: https://trac.network/Pipe/

CBRC20: https://cybord.org/

Tap: https://trac.network/tap/

Ordinals: https://ordinals.com/

More protocols are currently in development. Give us some [suggestions]()!

Our platform is always evolving, our enthusiasts are always exploring. Join us and let's storm the Bitcoin ecosystem together!

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